McClintock High School  Class of 1968
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McClintock High School Class of 1968 - 1968
Do you remember . . . ?

1. North Korea seized what US Navy ship and held 83 on board as spies
A - USS Nimitz
B - USS Missouri
C - USS Pueblo
D - USS Chinook
E - USS Seaworl
F - USS Freedom

2. North Vietnamese launched the __, a turning point in the Vietnam War.
A - Tet Offensive
B - Linebacker II
C - Rolling Thunder
D - Operation Lam Son
E - My Lai
F - Battle of Ia Drang

3. Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights leader, was slain in what city?
A - Selma
B - Phoenix
C - Memphis
D - Philadelphia
E - Los Angeles
F - Dallas

4. Senator Robert F. Kennedy was shot and died in a hotel after winning the primary election in what state?
A - California
B - Pennsylvania
C - New Hampshire
D - Illinois
E - New York
F - Maryland

5. What rock musical opened on Broadway?
A - Jesus Christ Superstar
B - Godspell
C - The Rocky Horror Show
D - Miss Saigon
E - Hair
F - Grease

6. What NBC TV show received an Emmy for 'Outstanding Musical or Variety Series'
A - American Bandstand
B - The Red Skelton Show
C - Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In
D - The Ed Sullivan Show
E - 77  Sunset Strip
F - Hullabaloo

7. The largest reservoir of American petroleum north of Mexico, Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields, is discovered in what state?
A - Texas
B - Oklahoma
C - Nebraska
D - Louisiana
E - Alaska
F - California

8. The first astraunats to orbit the moon in Apollo 8 were James Lovell, William Anders . . .
A - Alan Shepard
B - Frank Borman
C - Edward White
D - John Glenn
E - Gus Grissom
F - Roger Chaffee

9. Who was the only tennis player to have won both the US Amateur Championship and the US Open in the same year (1968).
A - Ivan Lendl
B - Pancho Gonzales
C - Bobby Riggs
D - Jimmy Connors
E - Arthur Ashe
F - Pete Sampras

10. In 1968, Congress authorized __, a 335-mile canal system to divert water from the Colorado River to Phoenix and Tucson
A - Salt River Project
B - Arizona Public Service
C - Arizona Water Institute
D - Central Arizona Project
E - Arizona Department of Water Resources
F - American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

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